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Constant width triangles

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Some more of my Reuleaux Triangle experiments -


in this scene, the rotor is a collider rotated with XPresso. The fixed width parallel bars are a rigid body on a slider connector, and C4D dynamics does the rest


RT parallel.c4d


here's the same thing in a rigid body rectangle that is on a planar connector. The square moves, so the camera is parented to it making it appear stationary


RT in square.c4d


if you make the Reuleaux Triangle from the default size N-side, it fits exactly into a honeycomb cloner




RT honeycomb.c4d


this vehicle with Reuleaux wheels on a keyframed tilting surface rolls at constant height


RT wheels.c4d


I think that's enough wobbly wheels for this week 😀

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That is nuts Jed. Really cool, maybe you would like to share them on Market? :)

| MAXON Quality Assurance Specialist | 3D Asset Creator | C4D Cafe Manager |

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My head is spinning from the honeycomb gif 🙃

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