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Subdividing the model?

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13 minutes ago, Didar said:

Oh I just saw this. I could not understand exactly what you mean. is there another way to create my custom font? because I even thought of making my own font with other different applications for windows, so after that I can use that fond in c4D and moText and everything... but I am not sure if it works and if it will be subdivided like other fonts. but it seems you are proposing another way here which I could not understand...did you make all this by yourself? from polygons? it should be hard... 😮


It's not hard, per se, but you just need to know all the steps involved in creating this from scratch, which do take  a little while to learn. I placed my initial polygons by tracing the splines I had with the polygon pen, but there I was only using the splines as a visual reference, not actually creating geometry from them, if you see what I mean, so I could still control the edge flow at all times. This started very low poly - but having established my edge flow on this low poly base mesh, I was able to subdivide, and my edge flow gets preserved and translated correctly into this high poly result, something which is very much not the case if you try and subdivide a spline you've just dumped in an extrude.



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Oh I see you are using Delaunay caps, which means your profile version is wrong - please update that to minimise confusion.


The reason your fur looks like it has gaps in it is not primarily down to the amount of hairs or the distribution of polygons in the object. You have a range of other factors contributing to this. For example look at this full and furry effect I am able to get on your letter just by changing a few things about the file...


Things I changed were:


1. Added (even) more points into splines, and turned on regular grid in Extrude.

2. Swapped Fur for Hair

3. Adjusted guide length up to 3 cm. The shorter the hairs the more gaps you will have to work harder to cover.

4. Changed hair thickness to 0.1 /0.01. Now it looks like fur again.

5. Added 10% general frizz which goes a long way to covering any gaps. This, and curl and clump all help making hair be less straight and gappy.

6. Activated the Length Parameter in the hair material, and allowed 20% variation there to disrupt the previous too perfect fur outline - nothing in nature has equal length fur !

7. Decreased render hairs to just 500,000 - that is all we need now.

8. Lost the Physical Sky, and replaced with 2 omni lights with soft shadows, which is the sort of lighting that makes hair look best.

9. Changed aliasing to best 1 x 1 / 4 x 4.


image.thumb.png.1684060bd5b2944acf196d5bc4e5a92b.png   image.thumb.png.5cdb2b182b02d690a97c0730338abafd.png  




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1 hour ago, Cerbera said:






That looks really good. would you please also send the file? yea I was using a different version about a year ago and I was inactive till now that I felt I should get back to C4D. I will update it. 

Thanks much for the helps 🙂 

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41 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

Thank you. there is also another issue. I tried tweaking many things. but IDK why I have this weird black theme inside my hairs.


I tried to remove the shadows by compositing tag which led to a very bright pattern and things won't be good that way.


you see the issue is more apparent from the distance. it does not look good. hairs are good from side but not from front. anything you have in mind to solve this? sorry today I really had much troubles for you.

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You shouldn't need a compositing tag to resolve that. Move the lights around until you minimize that, and make sure you have Ambient Occlusion off if you have it loaded.


Or you can change the shadows in the light to be less intense and a more suitable colour (deep red / brown)...



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