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Change Direction of Emitter?

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Hello. I'll preface by saying I'm very new to c4d. I'm comfortable using it for the most part but don't know what it can do if that makes sense. This forum feels a bit advanced for me but I don't know where else to ask honestly. I'm in a course and the project we were given was to animate a plane along a spline and use an emitter for exhaust. Easy enough.


I decided to do a starfox theme and just want to change one little thing and make it shoot lasers in front instead of exhaust behind. No matter which way I turn the lasers they still trail behind the ship. I'm sure there must be a way to do what I'm asking I just have no idea what the options are. I've tried flipping all sorts of switches and searching quite a few different phrases through google (I've been at this for hours now) which is actually how I found this forum. Any insights would be great thanks. Also I've attached the file but I am using Arnold.


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Welcome to the cafe ! 🙂


First things first - let's get the version of Cinema we're using in your profile - that is very important, as sometimes answers are version dependent.

OK. Your emitter is simply facing the wrong way, as it fires by default down +Z. So just rotate it 180 degrees, and all should be good.

Except it won't be, because at the moment your ship is moving so fast relative to your particles that the latter get overtaken by the former almost immediately, which makes it look like things are going backwards, when they are not. To solve that you need WAAAAY more speed on those particles - I turned that up to 5000, which was only just fast enough to stay ahead of the speeding ship.


Sort both those things out, and you'll be on your way with your particles firing in the right direction !


up-in-the-air CBR Fix.c4d


Don't worry - this forum isn't too advanced for anyone. We got all the levels here 🙂




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  • Oh man so simple the answer was! I forgot to even touch the speed thanks very much for your quick response. Now to go back to tweaking for another 5 hours!


    Fixed my profile as well thanks a lot for your help 🙂

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