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2D artist looking for 3D artist partner

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09 January 2020

Hi, my name is Yann
i am a 2d/3d artist, i use mostly Photoshop & After Effects.
I start in 1989 doing pixel arts. Now i am learning After Effects and Nuke for the next 18 months to come.

I am looking for a partner, 3D artist using C4d / Houdini to create a dynamic duo.
The goal is to work with each other to create a professional portfolio for VFX industry.  And work for productions.
Specialized in:  Digital Matte Painting & Compositing

It will be great to have a minimum of 3 years into C4d. And knowing a little Photoshop.
Learning Houdini ( and for me Nuke )  is not an option to work for VFX industry. 

To be extremely clear : 
If you are motivated to be at minimum 8h/day for the next 18 months on Skype to work with me,
If you understand the work is définitely not that easy, demand many hours of attention to small details, lots of creativity and high level of skill,
If you have the will to become a good VFX artist for Digital Matte Painting, who can equal Marco Iozzi (for example)

Then contact me

Discord:  Yann - Pixel Story#7917


This is my after effects skill ( 32h work )
I start learning AE 65 days ago.

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