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Texture facing camera or be static?

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Hi, trying to explain what I'm trying to achieve:


* I have a rotating 3D object (a 3D scan with a material) and a static camera

* I want to add a gradient to the alpha channel that makes the material transparent if it's close to the camera or far from the camera, but opaque at a specific distance

* I tried doing this with falloff set to camera but it didn't work. Maybe I'm just missing something in the falloff settings?

* I can't really do it with just rotating the UV in the opposite direction, since I need the material of the object to rotate with it

* So essentially: I want the object and it's material to rotate, but the gradient for the alpha channel to be static or always face the camera


Does it make sense? Sorry, I'm a bit tired.


Thanks for your help!



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No, that does makes sense 🙂 You need a different mapping for the alpha channel than you need for the rest of the material, which you should be able to do with  projection shader. Not that I have ever tried that in this context, but it should work in theory - you should need flat mapping on Y+ for the alpha and UV mapping for the rest of it... I'll do a few tests myself if I get time later...



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