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I hope this an appropriate sub-forum for my question.

I am trying to generate splines from a standard C4D emitter via a tracer with Tracing Mode set to Trace Paths that will be shaded with different colors with a multishader.
With the tracer as a child of a Sweep, parented within a Fracture set to explode points I am able to apply the multishader so each line gets a different shader.

I have the above accomplished in 1_Emitter_Setup.c4d attached here.


I then select the Tracer on the last frame of scene and do a 'current state to object' to get all of the traced splines in one object.
I pass this traced spline through a Matrix in Object mode so that I can control the speed of the trails animating on with a 0-100% offset in the matrix.
I use another tracer (tracing the Matrix) within a sweep and that sweep within a Fracture, giving me control of the timing of the spline animation, retaining multishader.

The above accomplished in 2_Traced_Matrix_Setup attached here.

Now is where I keep getting stuck.
I would like to take this animation and have it animate on but also curved along another spline. I would think to use a Spline Wrap to achieve this, the child of the same null as the above.
When I do this the multishading breaks and I tend to get very erratic results.

The whole point of this is to have keyframe control on the splines animating on via the Matrix Offset along the same spline that the scene camera is travelling on, creating the feeling that the lines are animating on at the speed that the camera travels through the scene. I hope this makes sense and appreciate any feedback on how to achieve this setup.




1_Emitter_Setup.c4d 2_Traced_Matrix_Setup.c4d

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That does make sense, and is a very well asked question, but it's a tricky little setup, and is gonna take some thinking about...



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  • An updated scene with the actual camera move. I am getting somewhere I think but having a hard time controlling the lines animating.

    I realized that the Spline Wrap has  Offset, From, To properties that are very similar to the Matrix object's Offset, Start and End properties.

    Here I am still keyframing the Matrix Offset from 0 - 100 and playing with the mentioned Spline Wrap values. I feel like they are fighting eachother and I probably need a more thought out setup.

    Also, my emitter sim length is Waaaaay short/tiny compared to the length I am stretching it with the Spline Wrap which may be making it worse to control..


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  • Lol, so I think/hope a better solution has come to me which is to child a circle spline to the camera, clone on points/small circle splines to this circle spline and trace the move for my trails.

    Then I can still use a Matrix on the traced out splines to animate between 0-100% plus use mograph on the cloner possibly to offset/effect each traced point..

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