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Attracting polygons to one another

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Hello, I am trying to do the following and would love some pointers.


Please watch this first: https://vimeo.com/crazypaving/review/383989835/6c5ac4b2a0

What I would like to happen is for the broken bits of the C (see attached pic) to reunite and form their original shape. I understand the attractor function would be the best place to start but I have no idea how to get the pieces back in to the right place.


I also want the pieces to slide out on the floor but to stay flat on the floor. To put it another way, I would like the face of each piece of the C that contacts the ground to stay glued to the ground on the Y plane but for to move out as they are on the X+Z.


I hope that all makes sense, any help would be much appreciated.

Big C  for Vimeo-02.png

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That link is broken...

Also please upload your scene file, which we need to fully understand your setup.



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