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Any way to turn off visibility of Guides


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Hey you Hair wizards,

Is there any way to turn off the visibility of my Hair guides...     while leaving visible my Preview Hair Polygons?     ie.,   in my Viewport,  not during final render.

See my screencap?     I want to temporarily turn off visibility of my blue guide lines,     while leaving visible only the hair preview  itself  (shown at 25% visibility).    This is because,  of course,   I have dialed in curly waves into my C4D Hair Material,   which appear quite differently than the straight guides do.     The blue guides are preventing me from seeing well the actual Hair preview.

Thanks,  ras

Hair Guides

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In Editor tab of Hair object for Display option select "hair lines or hair polygons" instead of default "guide lines" and deselect Hair object itself...

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Don´t know, maybe changing color of hair guides can help a bit. (Preferences/Scheme colors/Hair colors/active-inactive guides...


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Or use IRR and paint/brush/adjust guides over that region...

(that´s really nice since you could see real result)



IRR - interactive render region (Alt~R)

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No, you'd surely have to be able to see the guides when you are editing hair with any of the styling tools because they are what's getting edited, rather than the hair itself, and to be able to see which guides your brush was covering... I suspect that is behind the decision to make those guides always active when the hair is the selected object. I am unaware of any way to prevent that, and remain fairly convinced it should stay the way it is !



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