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Another point to make, if you're looking into putting the VSTs on a different SSD from the operating system, then remember that the writing isn't that important, but the reading is. You'll probably only write once, read many in terms of sample library usage.

As such, it might be worthwhile to have a cheaper Samsung 4TB QVO for your sample libraries. I didn't want to go that route since I only have a single drive in the laptop, and operating system then need to share the same disk as the sample libraries, so I also need to pay attention for the writing speed.

Looking at the vi-control.net forums (that's where I get my mustard) 64GB seems to be quite "low" amount of RAM these days, when it comes to large templates in DAW.

Just make sure to allow room for expansion, if you go 64GB. Don't use up all your memory banks.

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  • Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far. Made a few changes to the plan as follows.


    Swapped out the 2070 for a 2070 super... more bang for buck etc...

    Got a slightly lesser but much cheaper, less 'gamey' motherboard - that is now a Gigabyte X570 UD  (£130 less!)

    Only disadvantage I can see there is that I only have 1 m.2 slot, which I will use for the system drive.


    The other drive, which was going to be a 2TB mechanical jobby is now being replaced with a 2TB Sata SSD, which is where I think I'll keep my initial round of VSTs. I don't feel I need M.2 speeds for that, as samples load at session start and on patch change, so playback doesn't depend on it. I have a friend who runs a staggering amount of VSTs and he seems well happy with SATA SSD.

    Not sure I can stretch to 4 TB out of the gate, so might do 2 for now, and add another one later when it's inevitably needed...


    38 minutes ago, C4DS said:

    Just make sure to allow room for expansion, if you go 64GB.


    Yeah I was having some trouble finding a 2 x 32GB kit initially (or was put off by the price difference!), but I am told they are out there (for not that much more), so will look harder ! Quite agree I should leave 2 slots free for if I ever find that 64GB isn't cutting the mustard...


    Lastly that case was a bit OTT, and I got talked out of keeping any optical drives, so have replaced that and saved further cash with this one...


    Hopefully I haven't made any horrible mistakes in those changes ?!


    Cheers guys...



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