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New.c4d and template.c4d in R21

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Is it possible to set default project settings and render settings  in R21 , by saving new.c4d and template.c4d like it used to be in previous versions?
Where those files should be saved ?


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  • Cafe Crew

Yes, except in R21 you have a shortcut for the second bit with the new 'save as default scene' option. If you didn't have that you would manually save it to the root directory for that version, where the .exe is.


Saving the layout should go in your (user) preferences folder /library/layouts.


How's that storm getting on btw - are you anywhere in it ?



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Thanks Cerbera.

Well Brendan is gone. It is all quiet now here in Ireland, it's heading to you i think. I live in Kilkenny so we were relatively ok. As usual west and south  coast were most battered.

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  • Cafe Crew

Yeah we're having all the fun now 🙂 Still got my power though, so no complaints yet from me, other than the cat, who has just been out in it, and assumes it's my fault.



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