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Problem with Display Tag - Visibility

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I animated transparency using the visibility function in the Display Tag. H ow ever, as you can see here, it's not doing a great job. It's as though the shadow the object is creating goes from 100% to 0% instantly. How can I solve this? Is the Display tag my best option? I tried to use transparency in the texture but it does something similar.



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Exclude that object from the light's shadows ? This is done in the project tab of the light (see manual).

If you are not using standard lights then you need to tell us what you are using instead.



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  • Cafe Crew
43 minutes ago, Pierre Tessier said:

I already tried that and it's not working. 

Then you should say you've tried that. And we have no idea if you did that correctly or not.

And really we are just guessing until you upload the scene file.

Next on my random guess list would be Ambient occlusion !



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