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Mograph - cubes roating problem

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Hi guys,


In an attempt to 'get better' I am trying to recreate this animation:


Initially I though this would be pretty easy, clone a cube in a straight line, use an effector to rotate the cubes with a falloff to stagger.


I am finding this does not quite work as per the attached scene file, each cube rotates along its own axis, not the same axis for all the clones.


I also tried using an inheritance effector, but this didnt create the circular path each cube follows as per the above example.


....I also tried align to spline. This could work, but it would mean manually creating 10x versions of this and manually keyframing... this doesnt seem the smart way to solve this.


What am I missing here??





cubes-inheritance-effector.c4d cubes-plain-effector.c4d

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  • I have just read in another post a solution that works for my needs on this one here:



    I have attached my working file for anyone to take a look at. I am currently using the shader effector with a gradient to weight the animation (stagger each clone along its spline)


    I am having major trouble matching the easing style of the original reference. I have tried dozens of combinations of falloff / spline curves and even the delay effector. Nothing seems to get close to the smooth ease in / out in the example.


    Any help = much appreciated 🙂




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