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Displace a Pillow

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Hello C4D hive mind


How would you go about displacing a pillow to make it look like a head is pressing down on it but there not being a head there. 

Soft body dynamics is just too slow with the complex mesh of the pillow so I thought simply a deformer with a spherical field animating downwards might do it? Just not sure which one is going to do that. 


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Collision deformer, with restore shape off ?


That'll make a dent where the head was, but it won't deform in the same way a pillow does, with all the radial creases coming out from the indent. Not sure what we have that can do that TBH... Marvelous Designer is where people usually go if they want realistic interactive cloth type deformation.


It might be worth trying something with our own cloth systems, but generally they run very slow at the sort of epic resolutions you need to get those counter-flow creases and tend to have intersection problems.


But softbodies might be the way to go. Did you see today's Rocket Lasso, in which Chris Schmidt's first question of the day was something similar, and he was getting amazing folds and creases !? Head over twitch.com/rocketlasso to watch Episode 2 of this season to explore that further and to see if it could apply to you here...



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