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How would you model this ?

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I'm modeling the TARDIS from DW.

Here are some renders from what i've done:



Well I wanted to model a Yale lock for the doors, this one:



I don't know where to start... We've got those holes everywhere, some in curves, then those bevels ...

At first i did something and it was cleary good! 
I worked with extrusions and bevels and boolean.... but boolean are making the mesh quite clear...


Where to start? Do I start with a cube? A plan ? 

I need some advices!

Thks in advance !

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It takes a fair while to learn modelling in Cinema, and we can't teach you how to model in any single forum post - there is simply too much to know.

Best thing to do is to watch some starter videos on Youtube that show you round the interface, and what the primary modelling tools are, and how and when they should be used.


Here are 2 good ones to start with.




But here's the overview. The tardis itself is very simple and, as you have seen, can be made largely from primitives, which you can make editable and then start modelling with. There is no need for booles anywhere here, and you should avoid them ideally - they will only cause you problems later.


The Yale lock, on the other hand is quite a difficult thing for a beginner to build properly, so if you need fast results you may have to cheat and use something like booles or the Volume builder to get all the holes where you want them without having to worry about topology. I would maybe avoid trying to poly model this part now, until you have worked up to it with simpler things.




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54 minutes ago, mcornu said:

Where to start? Do I start with a cube? A plan ? 


If you did wanna get straight in there and try this with poly modelling, then you could start by outlining the holes with suitably segmented disc objects, like so...




We don't need the bottom hole, because the next stage is to combine all the meshes, then delete the lower half and use Symmetry so we only have to model half of it. I realise the lock isn't strictly symmetrical, but it still makes sense to build it this way, and that is why I've lined up the smaller arched hole (which again was started with a disc object split in half then bridged) on the right with the symmetry center rather than the reference - that part can always be moved later when symmetry has been applied and we don't need it any more.


I'll pop back at various points of the day to add further stages to this if I get time, but that's how I'd start.



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Here's the next bit....


...symmetry has now been applied, and we can Ctrl-drag out groups of edges from the discs to connect them together / to the first square borders




Having completed the corner polys (done with polygon pen so they snap weld to adjacent points) , and added a loop or 2 down the middle (so we get more even polygon sizes) we now need to add these loops to define how the square corners will work under Subdivision...




With the Symmetry under a Subdivision Surface object we get this perfectly smooth rounding and cornering, which is a good start...




Next we need to expand our square perimeter, and can begin to add depth to the model. Using the techniques above, and regular polygon extrude for rims, that would look something like this...





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In fact I know some basics but holes and rounds make me go crazy when they come in the game lol

I hade a great modeled lock only with extrusions and i was trying to do holes with the line knife but it was not succesfull.

I wanted to start something with hard poly modeling. That's the reason why I asked here, and honestly, you helped me, I think I will me able to do something great 🙂


Great forum, I'll put it in my presentation video of the project !

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If you use symmetry object, could be few issues...

 a, points in line of symmetry are not in tolerance of symmetry (in orthogonal view select all points on symmetry line and check size in attribute manager, if there is not zero, your points are not on symetry line and set value to zero)

 b, polygons created by extrude (but maybe not this case, but if you extrude loop of polygons up, there was created also "side" polygons which need to be deleted)



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Whenever you post a problem like this, we almost always need to see the underlying topology, so you should include some pics that show this... Really you should ALWAYS post the scene file so we can actually investigate the true source of the problem, rather than having to skip through a series of guesses because we don't have information to properly advise 😉




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