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Animating growing line - small problem

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I'm animating a growing line using the Sweep function (circle and spline). I'm also animating a sphere on the same path using the Align to spline tab. The problem is, they are not synchronized. This is probably caused by the fact that one is temporal and the other is positional. Any way to solve this? Thanks. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 4.58.35 PM.png

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For path spline set intermediate points to "uniform" and set bit higher value for number

(be sure your animations have the same keyframe interpolation also)

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Please be careful to post in the right place... moved to Procedural Modelling.


This is probably caused by your easing not matching in the interpolation of the keyframes. Try setting them both to linear and see if they sync then to confirm this...


Also, make sure the spline has uniform points.



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18 minutes ago, Pierre Tessier said:

Did not really know where to post the question.


Yeah, sometimes it is not obvious, but in this case the spline, the sweep, the align to spline etc are all functions of or related to various generators, and you are doing largely procedural modelling / animation. Please don't take my reminder personally - I have to do those because so many people are not aware of the categories, so just post anywhere, and it's difficult for me to know if someone has thought about it, or if they just posted carelessly. You obviously did think about it, so cheers for that ! 🙂



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