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Noise Surface doesn't work

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I'm working on a glass object that will break in pieces. See Attachments.

For a natural look I checked the 'Noise surface', to get rid of the straight breaking lines, and have a little bit more rounded breaking lines. See example in attach.

But it doesn't give a result.

What did I forgot in the process?


I added the file I'm working on, maybe someone can help me out.








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Doesn't that detailing only appear on the inner walls / surfaces unless you untick 'keep original surface' ? Your chunks are very thin but I can see it is there.



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Hi Cerbera,

Thanks for the reply.

The 'Noise Surface' is actually for the breaking lines on the surface. See in this tutorial (7:33): 


But in my case it doesn't give any result.


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It is fully working for me in R19-21. Which version of the software are you running ? 19 point what ? Also please put that information in your profile, as 19 demo is clearly not the case...



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