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Render won't show in picture viewer?

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These are the render settings used - even though I know they are not checked in the picture.

The view render works fine and quick but rendering to the picture viewer will just show a black screen and be stuck on preparing.

The frame I want to render is part of a bigger animation scene. All other objects are hidden away in layers.
The Picture contains static hair objects and a static tracer object.

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Hey Bezo,

Yes, I was currently doing a openGL preview of my animation when I took this picture. But is not how I rendered for the still.

I wanted to include screen views of the scene but it doesn't look like I can upload anymore.

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Looks like your render camera is disabled for render in Object manager


When you say scene is preparing, you mean render status on bottom line of the screen?

Try to disable GI and Hair in render settings and try render


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There´s a lot of posibilities why it´s so slow. GI is I think one of them (and especially for animation...don´t know your GI settings)

Other ones could be live animations/tracing/dynamics (if any)/enviroment changes (lights/shadows/etc)/objects generation by generators/cloners/etc. where everytime need to be recalculated GI...

If will be animated just camera/s in the scene, GI will be calculated just ones and it will be faster (used cache)

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