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Inverted UV islands?

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Hello wonderful members,

Since upgrading to R21, I've been frustrated with black UV islands!
After generating uv in Cinema, once applying the texture file, or generating textures in other apps, I end up with black? inverted? UV islands!


Normals are aligned, no matter the projection I use (frontal/flat)


as you can see in the Rizom window ^


I used the same workflow before in R20, never faced this issue. I have to unfold the darker islands in Rizom to fix it, it seems like it mirrors it, invert. IDK. is there an explanation to this so I can avoid it in the future?

Thank you.

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That is very odd. Please do a support ticket about this, including the scene file.

We could also do with a look at that, which might give us a better understanding of what is going wrong, or what can be done to circumvent it...



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If you cant share a file here, send me one in PM. I can promise your file is safe with us. If you cannot share I am not able to check where the issue lies!



U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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So I thought that this issue was related to me importing scan mesh in FBX from Agisoft Metashape. I decided to start clean all from within Cinema 4D. but yeah, it is happening with meshes created in Cinema too.

Attached is a simple scene.uv_issue.zip
1- Created a platonic   2-made editable  3-deleted current UV tag  4-selected few edges for UV  5-Paint setup wizard for a new UV tag  6-Projection Flat  7-relaxed using ABF with cut selected edges


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So I am assuming it is either when exported to FBX or only on my computer.  another funny thing is that it for some reason reverted my Cinema to the older .022 version, I checked Yesterday when Cerbera asked me and it was .115! I guess it my windows. anyway, I'm attaching another scene, with the exported FBX this time, and a video of how this looks. sorry for the watermark, but the windows built-in recording sucks!

Another observation  was it always happens to faces not facing the camera when projecting!

I ran the updater and it showed no updates available 😄 ... I will restart and try to check what version this time will show, then maybe a clean re-install.



notice yesterdays version 1840526150_Cinema_4D_R21.115_(RC)_-_raw_fbx_.fbx___-_Main_1_19_2020_7_20_33_PM.thumb.jpg.7ba90a2d0b243e26168584ba829cca05.jpg:


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And yes, it looks like something with FBX/OBJ export since inside c4d is everythink OK. No inverted normals on some polyislands or something similar...

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