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Spikey Shading

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Hello everyone!


I'm relatively new to cinema4d. While rendering I noticed some irregularities. I'm using a material with color, luminance with sub surface scattering, color and a bit of bump. While most parts of the rendering look seamlessly and smooth, some parts have those wird "triangle/spikey" spots as you can propably see in the image beneath. Since I can't find any solutions or similar topics I'm reaching out to you, maybe someone has any idea how to fix it. If you need any more information, then i'll try to give you everything you need. 


Thanks, Leo!



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Well, scene file would help, otherwise we can only guess and thats pretty much waste of time. 🙂 

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Please update your profile to show at minimum what version of Cinema you are running. Answers are often version-dependent.


This probably down to user error in the modelling department somewhow, but without any wires or the scene file, it could be literally anything... perhaps have a read of our guide on How to Post on the Cafe...



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