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hello, first time posting on this site. I have a robot rig working like I want in C motion but when I bake to keyframes the rotation on both knees is messing up. I tried manually keying where it goes wrong but when replaying the animation it goes back to how it was? I tried deleting C motion but the same thing is happening. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


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I think your issue is in the method you used to bake it, can you tell me the procedure you used?

My results turned out fine, here is what I did.


1:  Select Character object, in Display tab under Managers change it to (Components)

2: Use the Animation layout and make sure your in the Dope Sheet and that in View menu Automatic is turned off,  this effects whats seen in the Dope Sheet.

3:  Drag from the object manager the following into the Dope Sheet. Root, Spine, plus all Leg and Arm components.  Your now see a long list in the Dope Sheet.

4: Select everything in Dope SHeet Ctrl + A.  Then in the Functions menu choose Bake.  Turn Copy off in the Bake options, press Bake button.

5:  You can now delete Cmotion if you wish or turn it off.


PS: Keep in mind that if you wish to export it as a FBX your need to bake this data into the joints, the controllers will be ignored.



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Hey @Rectrothank you so much your a damn wizard lol. a little confused though, when i drag the root, spine, and leg and arm components from the object manager into the dope sheet i dont see a list just a summary folder that looks like theres nothing in it and boke options in functions is grayed out. sorry im sure its frusterating trying to explain this to a complete idiot lol. first time doing this without mixamo 


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 7.42.10 AM.png

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and when i baked it the first time i just selected the "fixed legs" null in the object manager then selected add motion clip.. from the animate tab  @Rectro it converts to a motion clip and everything is still working and then when i convert layer to a keyframe animation everything gets jacked up. Thanks again dude!

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.01.57 AM.png

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