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Planet orbits and rotations

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I am probably missing something simple…


I have a sphere in a null, the null is aligned to a circle spline and rotates around the spline as an keyed loop. The sphere then spins on its H axis once per spline rotation.


What I am looking to do is simulate planetary orbits along with axal (H) rotations of planets. Currently (see file) the sphere rotates through 360˚ (or 1 rotation) per orbit then starts again (0˚)when the null goes beyond 100% position of the spline. I want the sphere (planet) to continue is rotation beyond 360˚ and not reset at 1 orbit. This is because no planet spins on its axis to exact divisions of 360˚ - Neptune for example rotates 2.21645 times per orbit and I want to be able to simulate this on a constant loop and easily transfer this Xpresso math to other planets with different rotations per orbit (E.G earth 365.25 rotations (days) per orbit).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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