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The Raven at Sunrise Film Festival

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The Raven (2019)

Based on the poem by Edgar Allen Poe

Animated by Vincent-louis Apruzzese and narrated by Michael Z. Keamy


This is the longest in my series of gothic horror animations and took 2 years to complete. Most of the time was prep work, watching every previous version of the poem, especially animated versions and creating the characters and sets. The raven itself is a modified model I made for a TV she opening that was rejected by the studio. Mike and I also read and reread the poem, having long discussions about it's meaning and tone. This is Poe's best-known work and I did not want to change it or rush through it.  I have a few little details I think add to the piece,  like the dress on the bed with the rose showing he sleeps with it beside him and the bottle of absinthe on the table that night explain some of his behaviors. It's slow-moving but I tried to keep visual interest throughout. At its core, this is a story about a depressed dude yelling at a bird until he passes out - not much action.


Animations as done with C4D V19 with X-Particles for the snow and cinder effects. I worked from start to finish in order which seemed to be the best way to keep it consistent looking. The animation itself took 7 months, about 6 hours a day. 


I have been animating since Super 8 and 16mm film days and started with C4D around version 6-8, I can't remember.  I have produced a few documentaries, worked for PBS and was chief animator and effects person (IE - the only one) for a children's show called "Look Kool" that was nominated for an international Emmy.  (Then canceled!). I also just published a book of short stories for sale on Amazon called "Indifference: Short Stories by No One in Particular". 

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