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Merged key tangents are wrong after

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I copy a key on top of another. I want the tangents to remain the same as they were, but the new key isn't what I expect. I tried to lock the tangents before join, break them - it does not work.

What is needed is simple - a curve looking the same as the black one representing the "Continue After".

The same problem appears also when I use Key > Cycle
How to get it right?

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Is it possible that all your key frames are spline interpolation but manipulated by you to be liner by braking the tangents?

If this is the case then just select the last two keys and select liner that should fix it.

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They actually are. "Break tangents" is on for each of them, but it's ignores once I merge them, the new one does not respect this setting.

Might it be a bug? I tried r19, same there though

I don't understand how to get over it

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It doesn't work. Even if we assume linear is suitable. Even if I add one more spare keys on the cure ends and tackle the handles, than copy, or delete the excess ones and then copy, no changes. It's too stupid 0_*

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