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X-Refs & Team Renderer

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OK I have a conundrum. When I use Xref characters in a scene and then use TeamRender on 3 machines to render the scene containing them out I find that the two machines running the TeamRender client render fine. The host machine however either makes the characters dissapear or go back to their bind pose... I get the same problem when I change the host machine.

If, however I use TeamRender Server which is a little more long-winded I find that I have no problems with the host machine and everything renders out fine.

I know that Xrefs are not that robust (I have been using them for years and find them indespensible) but I wondered if anyone out the has the same problem or can shed any light on this problem?

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I suspect that this might best be discussed with MAXON support. Not a lot of people use XRefs as they are, as you said, everything but robust. So you might not even have anyone here that really uses them and has  the same problem as well.

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