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Cloning pentagon along a Platonic Dodeca

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I'm trying to take one Pentagon object and place it on each side of a Platonic Dodecahedron.


The way I created it was with a Platonic in the Dodeca Formation (merged the polygons so that the surface will be made out of Pentagons). I then Created a pentagon N-spline and extruded it. I created a Cloner, nested the Extruded pentagons and chose the Platonic Dodeca as the Object. 

When I choose Surface I get a messy look. Selecting the Dodecas and creating a selection tag for all its faces doesn't change enything.

Wondering how to do it right. 


Annotation 2020-01-22 213245.png

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Mode "Surface" means anywhere on surface, not exactly in center of polygons. If you want to place in the center of every polygons, you need select distribution option "Polygon Center"...

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not sure what your after but you could use the dodeca and split off each pentagon and extrude those, at which point you could put them in a fracture if you need mograph functionality 

otherwise you may have to use an effector  with a limited falloff on each face to rotate them. 



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Sure, this work in case surface is created from standard polygons (quads or tris). In your case those are N-gons which deform center of n-gon base on n-gon line placing. So, this way is not for you...

You need to try different approach. Let´s assume points could be solution (because point normals may be correct). So we need to create points exactly on center of n-gons. Nothing complex...

Select all polygons of platonic and choose command Extrude Inner. Uncheck "Preserve option" and drag. Let´s say create inner extrusion into half of n-gon.

(n-gons of whole platonic will be extruded inner exactly).

Then you need select just one inner extruded n-gon, press Ctrl and click on point mode icon. (this way you convert polygon into points of selected n-gon)

Now you can see 5 selected points. Press U~C which collapse all 5 points into single one point. The same workflow apply on all others n-gons....


When you later select all those newly created points and create point selection set, which will be source for clone placement...

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I can only see that image as a reply tiny thing, probably best to put it in your post here. Not sure about all those tiny pentagons but just  a little bit of modelling will produce the bigger framework for you and it shouldn't take too long to model one side and place it manually on all the faces. 

If you don't need mograph for effects its more of a modelling job really 

I guess you would draw the intricate pattern in AI or something and then just extrude it and line each one up with the hole you've created.

cage below is made from selecting all pollys and inner extruding, delete the resulting pollys leaving a frame with no thickness, then extrude all of that with caps to add the thickness.

Sorry if you already know all this modelling stuff.



Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 16.05.06.png

dodeca cage.c4d

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Bezo, thanks for the explanation and the project!

I followed your expectation (before I saw the project) and learned new things ))

The only difference I have is that when I create that n-Side and reduce it to 5 sides - it is being created sightly off from your n-Side. 

Would you know why, please?


Awesome help there!


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