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Cloning pentagon along a Platonic Dodeca

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The key of result are spline coordinates.




If you deselect "spline mask mess" and enable just original n-side profile (make lower radius for better visual result), you could see it´s still not perfect. I just set values only by eye...Good guide could be quick shading/Lines display mode, where is very nice visible"error". So you need to adjust those values (in small increments/decrements) to make it perfect...

But since nothing in the world isn ´t perfect, for me it´s just fine 🙂

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16 minutes ago, deck said:

A much more elegant solution Bezo, opens fine in my R18 too. Very nice, and Im just understanding the collapsing for centers now too.




Yes, it could be done more different ways, but extruding from spline could be the most versatile way in case of import splines from AI etc...

for points could be used also command weld...

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Bezo, sure, I'll nail it - just wanted to verify I'm not missing something 😉

Really appreciate your guidance! I'm a happy camper now ))


My next mission will be to figure out how to create more complex platonic bodies - like Truncated Octahedron, etc.


Thanks again! 

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1 hour ago, deck said:

I guess you would draw the intricate pattern in AI or something and then just extrude it and line each one up with the hole you've created.

cage below is made from selecting all pollys and inner extruding, delete the resulting pollys leaving a frame with no thickness, then extrude all of that with caps to add the thickness.


Deck, exactly - will draw them in AI. In case Id like to place them manually into a frame like you made - I guess I would put each into a null that will keep it centered while I change the null rotation to fit it to the hole. Or would you do it otherwise? Thanks for your explanation!

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You could choose from all of the above really, you could use bezos method to place your extruded AIs with a cloner or just place them manually using snapping and quantising etc.

I would go with Bezos cloner method myself, onto a hidden master dodeca to line it all up with, but once you set it up in any fashion it should be easy to swap the panels in and out with new ones if you choose.



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