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Enhanced OpenGL

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I am quit new to 3D so I got a lot to find out. One of the things I am looking at right now is rendering. I have noticed that C4D doesn't always shows the stuff in the viewport the same way as when they are renderd. For example: if I use noise in my texture, the picture in the viewport does not match exactly with the render. So now I have 2 questions:

- is there an option I can use to make sure that what I am modeling, is looking just the same as the render? so that I don't have to make renders all the time to see te result of the changes I make (I have already tried to work with 'interactive renderregion' but that doesn't work very nice)

- can some one explaine me in simple words what the option "enhanced OpenGL" means? I have read that it has something to do with better renderings or better views in the viewports but I don't really understand it. 


Thank you

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Please complete your profile to show what version of Cinema you are running. Answers are often version-dependent.


Enhanced OpenGL should be on all the time you are using Cinema if you have a graphics card that supports its features, as nearly all do. It is just an expanded set of display functionality that works in real-time. It is only used in Rendering when doing a specific OpenGL render, which does render EXACTLY what is in the viewport, which is normally only used for client previews etc where you want to bang out 500 frames in under a minute for example.


You shouldn't ever have to render while you are modelling to check your work. The viewport will always show the same as the render, except when it comes to materials etc, or for those generators which have separate Viewport and Render settings (SDS, Meta balls, Emitters for example). The noises in Cinema's viewport only match the render if you have Noises ticked in the OpenGL options. There are 'legacy' reasons for this.



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Have a look at this.. https://u-render.com/


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