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Unwrapping in cinema ?

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Hi guys,

I want to start and learn unreal 4, and for that I need to first learn how to unwrap my models (it is necessary for the workflow of unreal to have proper unwrapped models).

I understood from a colleague of mine that unwrapping in cinema4d is a real pain - Is there a software out there that can do it easily and doesn't cost hundreds of dollars ?

And if not - can you please point me to a decent tutorial about this subject ? YouTube is full of those tutorials but picking the right one is not so easy....



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Hard to swallow pill.
C4D UV workflow is counter productive. 
Use Blender for the UV mapping. Should cover most of your needs.
If you need more features such as tight and clean packing of UV's (very important in games), use RizomUV as @DasFrodo.


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8 hours ago, DasFrodo said:

Shameless self plug, ay? 😁

No, not at all shameless.

I just figured someone might want to know about it. I could have gone on and on about its merit, but I leave that up to the users.

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