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Renaming in hierarchy (Python)

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Hi there, I'm Phil


Decided to take the dive and try learning some Python (primarily for C4D) whilst work is quiet.  Do you guys have any suggestion for learning materials? I managed to get my first script running to simply rename some objects... cant work out how to paste the whole code here 😕


My next task is much more complicated. I was thinking about trying to create a script to help naming joints for rigging... Firstly I think what I need to do is:


create a list of all children and grandchildren etc. for the selected object (dont know if i use something like GeListNode.GetChildren?)

go through the list naming in hierarchy. potentially like:








if that makes sense. I'm pretty sure this is not a simple task, but if someone can get me started in the right direction that would be awesome. Hope I can at least make a loop to GetNext object in the hierarchy for renaming.

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@Cairyncan you help? 🙂 

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RE:  cant work out how to paste the whole code her
Uhm. Just copy and paste it? There's also a code icon in the post panel UI that allows you to format the code. 

RE: go through the list naming in hierarchy
Luckily for you, there is already an existing resource for down. 
This should cover majority of what you need.

Also. "Python. Hi Am New" is not a helpful title. 
Please rename it. 

Good luck.

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Traversing the tree (or just the joints, respectively) has been covered in my Python: Spoodfed course (hopefully exhaustively 😁)


The iterative tree traversal was discussed here (and in adjacent chapters):



This chapter is referring to joints and the walking through joint structures specifically:



And here is a bit on recursion and recursive tree walking, which you may need to create the desired name schema:



Note: while this is a Patreon, these chapters are all public, so feel free to browse.

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  • @bentraje Thanks! I did stumble upon this during my research but wasn't entirely sure it's what I needed. I'll work my way through it now!

    strange that in my reply I am able to paste the code, but upon creating the post it would just paste 1 line in a white box. no big deal though.


    @Cairyn Thank you too! will check them out 😄 

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