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Clones are jumping as the spline moves

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Hi All,


I've been trying to search for this but i cant seem to find anything about it. I'm attempting to clone objects along a tracer that is tracing a set of bones that I have animated. The problem is that while the spline animates the clones do not stick to the path smoothly, they will randomly turn and shift as the spline moves into new positions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 




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Looks like priority issue and you are missing rail in cloner. Make sure you setup objects in order of execution in object manager from top to bottom and use rail...

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yes, you need either a rail spline or a target effector. Priorities seem to be ok.

For the rail spline: just duplicate the tracer, convert the duplicate to a spline (press "c"), go to top view and move that spline to the left. Then use that spline as a rail spline in your "Clone Circle onto Tracer" cloner.

that's the easiest way. You can then try out what happens if you change the shape of the rail spline, move it further left or closer, etc...

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