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The Script Club!

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As you may know, I am hosting a Patreon which is at the moment running the series Python: Spoonfed, teaching some Python scripting on Cinema 4D.

The course has not yet found a sufficient audience*, so I'm adding a bonus! Over the years, I have created a sweet number of scripts for C4D, which are just not "big enough" to be marketed on their own. Under the header The Script Club, I will publish these scripts on the same Patreon (after curating them and checking them for R21 compatibility - hopefully one script a week will be doable).


  • The scripts will be ready to run and not require any programming knowledge, so if you don't want to dive into Python, you're good to go.
  • The Script Club runs on the same Patreon, so you're getting two-for-one: scripts for your productivity, and a C4D specific Python course if it suits your needs.
  • Descriptions for Script Club scripts will be posted separately and publicly, so if you entertain the thought to join as a patron, you can look into the offers first!
  • Got any ideas for further (small-ish) scripts? Drop them on the Patreon, and I'll look into it!
  • While The Script Club is patron-only, the first two parts of Python: Spoonfed with a total of 42 lessons are public, plus a number of ready-to-use scripts that I have posted as examples but can be used outside of the course as well.

(Note that a Patreon is a support thing, not a software subscription... no script phones home; no script checks your serial; no script demands ransom!)


The Script Club itself has two installments already:
- a gaggle of scripts to set the Quantize parameters (to be used as keyboard shortcuts):
- and a script to colorize the weights in a joint hierarchy in a more... colorful... way. (I'll make a separate announcement for that, as it was requested on a forum.):


Expect more.


Thank you for your interest (and feel free to boost the signal 😊)
-- Cairyn --

* ...which I certainly understand - programming is hard and requires a lot of knowledge, and not all creatives will want to go through the effort and program their own scripts!


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