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Hello everyone! I'm evaluating R21 + Redshift and as part of that process I am trying to import a LightWave *.lwo aircraft model of mine that was textured for OctaneRender.


I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact I'll have to re-skin this beast; I'm just trying to figure out the best way to go about doing it. The model has nine layers and about 200 materials. When I try to import the model as an *.obj, I get all nine layers collapsed into one hairball in C4D. (At least the material labels on the polygons are still intact, even though all the OctaneRender material nodes themselves are gone.)


Is there a way to import a LightWave *.lwo that preserves the layer separations and the material assignments? Again, I understand I'll have to redefine all the materials for C4D/Redshift; I just want to try and preserve the material labeling and the layering. Thanks!

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during import of objs there are option for splitting by material, layer and some other options, check them out. one may work correctly for you. 


also a screenshot of the problem would be helpful 

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