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Size of Cloner objects based on offset

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There are two approaches that I've tried to get this effect, but neither are working quite the way I want them to.



I have a Cloner set to object mode and am using a spline as its reference object.  The Cloner object gives special parameters for splines.  I like that you can animate the offset parameter and create the effect of items moving along a queue.  I want to change the size of each clone based on the position in the queue.  So in my example file I would like all of the clones to get smaller as they are approaching the point, not to maintain their original deformation, but have it be relative to their position.   I would like to avoid positioning the volumes of falloffs in space because I would like to do this with more complex splines.



I am using a spline effector instead of putting a spline in the cloner set to object mode.  I still can't figure out how to get the deformation in size to change with the offset.



^ So basically I want to keep the rings moving but make sure this distribution of sizes along the spline stays consistent.


I am using r19 so I can't do anything with fields.  Any help/ pointers would be really appreciated!





example1.c4d example2.c4d

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Thanks Deck.


I'm not exactly sure how to do this the right way.  I've an attached an example using the align to spline tag and it is still behaving the same way.  I am especially baffled because the Step effector is placed after the the Spline effector in this example.


Is there any way you could share a quick example?


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@deck No worries!  Enjoy your din.  Did you get a chance to look at any of the c4d files I sent?  When I animate the cloned objects to move along the spline the step deformation also moves along with it.  I can create another example if you're still cofused.

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I think I know where you coming from / going.


How about this simple approach with no effectors but using the cloner in blend mode, either with two objects one smaller than the other, or in this case Ive used 3 to blend it back again from a big torus to a small one.




example blend.c4d

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Thanks @deck.  I hadn't thought about using blend mode.


This is the distribution of sizes that I'm looking for throughout the timeline.




but when I press play in that example too, the distribution moves likes everything else I have created so far.




^ not what i'm aiming for.  

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So you want it to behave like Teknows example and one of your earlier examples I think was similar, i.e. spline passing through falloff of an effector, but without the use of an effector ?

Or am I missing a part of the picture



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Yes @teknow's example is what I was looking for.  Was hoping to find some way to take the data from the position in the queue, not in XYZ space but I think this will work out alright.

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I am excited that in X Particles and C4D I can use Falloff so many ways such as Noise and Source and I seem to get the same functionality as those lucky ones with R21 and Fields. X Particles Modifiers seem to almost all have Falloff.

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