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Guys I need Help! The grid for texturing doesn't show up. The guy in the video has a grid but I don't. Also, the axis modifiers don't do anything. Is it because I have a newer version of cinema 4d?  He does have a older version of c4d than me. HELP!

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Welcome to the cafe.


You need to be a lot more specific than that - what grid, what texture, where doesn't it show up, and what video are you following ?

Please upload your scene file, including any textures, a screenshot of your setup if it would help, a link to the tut you are following, and some words that accurately explain what your setup is ! Then we'll be in a position to help you...


In fact, probably best to have a read of this... our guide to posting on the cafe.



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If I need to make a bet, my money would be on the texture grid for the material tag...?




That seems to come up a lot lately and also was a recent change.




To get the grid back set the Projection Display to Grid as in above screenshot (Attribute Manager for the Material Tag).


(There are more threads with exactly the same issue...)

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Thanks for the Reply! Unfortunately, it didn't work... At least for the thing I was doing. Here is the link to the video I was following. Also, his projection is set to UVW mapping. For me, cubic is the only one where the grid pops up but it doesn't work properly. I even tried to reinstall cinema 4d altogether but it didn't work. Please help. Thanks!

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2 hours ago, Fime said:

Also, his projection is set to UVW mapping.

There's the answer. In UV mapping mode the grid doesn't appear (because it only has a use in projection mapping; in UV mode there is no standard projection involved because UV polys are directly linked to actual polys) and although I am not 100% on this, I don't think the grid ever has appeared in this mode...



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Thanks for the answer! But then why does it show up for him? I checked multiple times in the video but he WAS on UVW texturing mode. Also, I am a total noob at cinema 4d, so he was saying "Just make sure you're still in polygon mode or this option will just not show up." I don't know what he means by that.

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The grid did show up for UVW Mapping in older versions. I just confirmed it shows up in R18, but it does not show in R20 and the Position and Scale tools do not manipulate the projection like they did in older versions. 


However, it has always been possible to use the Texture Tag properties to get the same effect of scaling and moving the UVW Mapping directly.



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