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Pivot Drag and Drop Doesn't Work

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Hi all,

I'm following a Ciniversity video called Mixamo to Cinema 4D Character Workflow: Mix Motion Capture with Motion Clips. And during this video, the instructor (Steve Teeple) creates a pivot point at the base of the model by going to Animate > Pivot Point. He then clicks on the motion clip, selects the advance tab and drags the pivot he created to the Pivot box on the advance tab (see 5:28 on the video's timeline). However, when I try this, I'm not permitted to drag a pivot point to this box. I receive a circle with a line through it (i.e. No).  I can click the button under this box and it will create a pivot point in the object viewer and it also populates the Pivot box. But if I delete the contents of the pivot box and try to drag the pivot point the button just created back into the Pivot box, it still prevents me from doing so. Is this a bug with R21? I checked the help files and it states that I should be able to drag a pivot point to the Pivot box. Is there something else I should check?


Note: the reason I'd like to use the pivot point created by Animate > Pivot Point is because this pivot is more likely to be straight with the world and it is at the base of the model instead of the model's midsection.

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Ok. I created a simple project with a t-pose, that goes into a walk (no pivot point needed). I've added a jump down motion source and created two pivot objects. One was created via Animate > Pivot Object. I tried to drag this pivot object to the Pivot box on the advance tab of the jumping down motion script, but wasn't allowed to populate the box. The other was created by clicking the Create Pivot button on the Advance tab of the jumping down motion source (which also populates the Pivot box). I cleared the Pivot box so I could test the drag n drop feature using this auto created pivot object and still wasn't permitted to do so. So, if I try to drag and drop either pivot object into the Pivot box, I'm not allowed to do so. Project file attached. 

pivot drag n drop project example.zipx

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