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Line Cut Tool: precise placement of cut

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I don't model much and have not done so since they updated the knife tool.

You use to be able to define where your cut happened in an object so you could place cuts at the same depths in on different parts of the model. HAs this option be 86'd with the new Line Cut tool?




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No that's still something we can do, just not with that tool. In fact it's even easier now, because in Loop Cut we have a new 'Reuse cuts' checkbox, which will repeat whatever you did last time somewhere else. If you were in proportional mode that would do it as a percentage, but if you were in edge distance mode, then you could specify an exact distance from a neighbouring edge, and the options in that tool can get you very close to what you'd get with the old knife tool in line mode...


That doesn't however apply to line cut, which is really like our new(er) free-form cut tool, so distances like that don't really apply when using that, unless you are using something like guides or snapping to affect cut placement.



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