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Displaying Xpresso Result on the HUD ?


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Do you mean HUD ? If so, all your options for what that can display are available by right-clicking it, so just go through them, and see !

If not though, you can get at least get the result in the VP by piping the result text string directly into the text input of a motext object if that's any help...



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Not directly, but there's a workaround.

Create a User Data parameter on an arbitrary object. This parameter should have the same type as the data you want to display. Then simply use this User Data instead of the Result node ad have it displayed in the HUD.

Another option is to convert the value to String and have a String User Data. Then you can get a lot fancier in formatting your data.

Or you misuse a MoText or Text spline instead of the HUD to display data.


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