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Surface line extrusions

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Hi everyone, I want to exercise my modeling by replicating some renders i've seen online, now i want to replicate the scales of the ananas in the spongebob house but i don't have a clue from where i should start, thank u in advance


Screenshot 2020-01-28 at 10.36.23.png

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Select all polygons of ananas body, create selection set (to be used later), press "I" (inner extrude command), uncheck "Preserve Groups" option and make small extrude.



Then use command invert selection



and make small standard extrude to inside



double click on selection set (created at the beggining) and with Ctrl click on edge mode




and make small bevel




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You can get supremely clean results on curves that tight using sub-poly displacement.




But if you did want to model it, I think you'd do better starting with a plane, which you would first Wrap deform into a cylinder, then FFD into the shape you need. But because low poly extrusions at this sort of density look all janky when made to follow curves their contraflow topology is not designed for, and will instantly collapse to circles if you try and SDS them, and will look similarly awful if you try and bevel first, then I think you need to rely on extremely high subdivision to get all that smooth and artefact free whilst being wrapped, and also maintaining the sharp(ish) corners we need...


In that case your starting topology should perhaps look something more like this, which won't collapse under subdivision later...





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