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Use clones as a deflector with TP

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Hi all, 


I have 72000  (Dynamic) clones and I want to use them as a deflector with TP but I can't get it to work. No matter what I do, my particles keep flying right through them.

So the question is, can this be done?





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There is no inbuilt function that would allow this. With python it should be possible to create a "push away" effect between clones and particles, but not hard collisions.

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Thanks for the reply srek 🙂


I realized that I asked the wrong question and had to think one step ahead as I'm not really interested in the particles.

I'm using TP to fire some spheres on my clones, and it's the spheres and the clones that I want to interact, I don't care where the particles go.

To do that I placed a dynamics tag on my TP Geometry and it works 🙂


Next problem to solve is that my clones have to change color on the moment of collision.

Maybe any thoughts on that or anyone?






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