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Redshift Struggling With Turbulence FD

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Been experimenting with RS and have hit innumerable issues. Firstly and the most worrying RS fails to render a fairly simple TFD image claiming it has not enough VRAM…the bcf file is about 1 GB and I am using a 12B Titan and an 8GB GTX1070. Load times for that frame are around 6 mins then it fails. In fact load times are generally very long
The other issue is noise…I can crank my settings to way high 4096 + on all settings but still there is noise. And I just cannot get the sharpness I am used to in Advanced render. I enclose a scene file for testing. You may have to or want to lower the resolution…it just fits in the Titan 12 GB I got AR to render the last frame in 9 mins on an i7 3930K at 3.2 Ghz 64 GB RAM


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I downloaded and tried rendering "as is". No changes to your file. Frame 80 fails, frame 75 rendered.

Sim: 6m05s

Render: Frame 75 3m41s

Render: Frame 80 Fails (VRAM) at 3m54s

Card: RTX 2080 TI-11GB

Ram: 64 GB

C4D: R21

TFD Version: 1452


Frame 75 attached


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