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Glass material not transparent

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Are we using Ambient Occlusion here, and if so, has that got the vital button 'evaluate transparency' ticked ? 

Also there is a similar control in the Physical Render Settings that should also be ticked, AO or not...


2145245928_evaluatetrans2.jpg.d2450f892245af7a635e54a3c78a9dc3.jpg  936721655_evaluatetrans.thumb.jpg.b7a2ba450099984726a21f5cef93bddd.jpg


If it's not that, pls upload the scene file so we can check other things.



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1 hour ago, Cerbera said:



I've always wondered about this but I only have had ONE case where I actually needed this and that was for the exact case that is described in the manual. I can't see a difference at all between having this enabled and disabled, even with AO.

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5 minutes ago, DasFrodo said:

I can't see a difference at all between having this enabled and disabled, even with AO.

Yes, that was more of a general workflow thing - for the tiny amount of extra calculation time it costs I think it's worth having that on if there are transparent things in the scene. In this case I predict the problem is 100% the AO thing 🙂



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