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Add new object to take



If I have a setup with one scene and five takes, and I want to add a new object and only have it visible in one take, what is the workflow?

At the moment if I add an object it is seen by all takes, and if I want it to be visible only to one take I have to manually go through and hide it in the other takes. If I put it on a new layer, I still have to manually add that layer to the other takes and turn the visibility off. I feel there must be a better way?





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In your specific case the easiest way would be to hide it in the master and overwrite the hidden in editor / rendering status in the take you want to actually see it.

The problem with this workflow is that if you want to work on the object you have to unhide it in the master and if you forget to hide it again when you're done all your takes get screwed up.

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Hey Rich.


I think this is an order-of-operation thing. For example had that object been in the master take you would have hidden it from the child takes as you went, so when adding it recursively, I think you do indeed have to do what you described, and my instincts tell me there isn't a better workflow. Having said that, I will be the first to admit that I have only used takes myself about twice since they were introduced, so if you get literally any other answer I will happily defer to that 🙂


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