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Tutorial from Alan McKay in Cinema4d

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As every year Alan McKay release a tutorial for free this time i see that you can vote witch software he will use.

There is Cinema 4d on the voting. Im wondering if we can vote to see him in action on cinema ;)

Take a look:




On the secound step of voting you can choose the software ;)

Im encourgue you to vote for CINEMA ;)

Time is till 07.01.2020

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Votings complete 🙂 I wanted to see him crash the spaceship into the building. I know how I'd do it but am intrigued to see what he does differently !



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I did my voting too and I wish we knew about this sooner, then we could definetly boost him to have easier decision where to build his tutorials. I also voted for ship thingy! 🙂 

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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8 hours ago, SophiaWang said:

I voted like a week ago.

  Winning Topic Is Announced FRIDAY (February 7th).

But I didn't receive any tutorial.

I didn't receive any emails either. 

U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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On 2/12/2020 at 10:15 AM, Igor said:

Yes, definetly feels like that! 😄 

Yes deferentially a scam, i have just received an email from so called Alan McKay offering advise on how to get working visa to us and uk. i didn't click the link market it as scam and deleted it. be aware you could be next if you entered this vote.😡

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Actually it's a real Alan McKay and what he usually do - a lot of talking and hype, always in the same manner. And he produces promised tutorials. I can't say anything about their quality -- they were always for Max or Maya, so did not spark enough interest in me. 

As I understand it's all just a means to get more followers to Allan and his brand, and also to get more people into his payed Technical Director mentorship. 

Despite all this I quite like his podcast, interview episodes with VFX supervisors and people from game industry. 

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His stuff is VERY good and though Autodesk Max there is a lot you can get out of it. But you are right, after signing up for his courses ( free) and the last one is an epic I am going to recreate in C4D, you do get inundated with sales pitch emails..but that really is not an issue for me as his content is just top notch

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