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Hello everyone. 


Gabe here. I'm a digital designer who started working with 3d not until recently. 

I'm working on building a model of a bottle using loft but I can't seem to move past the neck. 


As the shape of the bottle is not a cylinder, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how I can morph the rounded rectangular shape into a cylinder for the neck. 

When I try to loft the spline with a circle, it doesn't work.


I attached photo of the model that I've come so far.


Please let me know if you have any ideas. 


Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 3.25.52 PM.png


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Don't worry this is easily sortable. If I had to guess I'd bet it's a spline order thing, and using a circle should totally work IF the order of splines in the OM is correct. But we can't see your setup from the screenshots (ie the order of the splines, or what they are etc, so we'll be needing the scene file if we are to correct this for you. Pls upload the c4d file. 



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Excellent - cheers for that - now we can see exactly what is going on, and TBH, there was a fair bit wrong with that...


1. Splines were in the wrong order

2. Circles were incorrectly rotated, hence the twisting you were getting...

3. Generally wrong settings in Loft Object

4. Uneven spline points in squarer splines giving irregular, off-centre shape

5. Segment count in Loft incorrect

6. Caps used in Loft (creates geometry you have to manually fix later)

7. Object not at World Centre, which makes consistent spline alignment more difficult


When we have fixed all those things we get something like this...




Here's the scene file, so you can see what I changed...


PJbottle-mockup-body CBR Fix.c4d


Lofts have some unique properties within Cinema you need to be aware of in order to use them effectively. Some points about them include:


  • Splines must be in the correct consecutive order in the Object Manager. I number them so this becomes easy to keep track of...
  • The Segment Count in a Loft should be target number +1, so if you want 16 radial segments (as we do here) that should be set to 17. Height segments were set to the same value, which gave us regular, even, square shaped polys.
  • Don't use caps in lofts because they create geometry you have to manually repair later. Instead create the caps yourself with regular poly modelling tools when finished with the loft. (I'll show you that later)


So I used those Loft controls to keep my segment count quite low, and then I placed the Loft under a Subdivision Surface Object in order to get the final smoothing. This keeps our base poly count nice and low, which will make editing it later much easier.


I also replaced your uneven squarer splines with rectangle splines with rounding enabled - that way we can keep those parametric so can refine the shape later if 'client' wants any last-minute changes


Lastly, the bottle cap should be a totally separate mesh, so you wouldn't try and do that in the same loft as the bottle...


The next step now would be to take an editable poly copy of the Loft (use Current State to Object), hide the original (so you still have it to go back to), manually close the base using quads only and lastly to add some real world thickness and additional control loops so we get exceptionally clean surfaces under Subdivision. I'll show you those bits in the next post... we could add further splines to the loft to make the inside, but there are technical / practical / speed-based reasons why it is better to do this manually.


Hope that helps



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Cerbera — You are an Angel. 


I cant thank you enough for this. it makes a lot of sense and it helped me a TON!

I'll keep on reading through your points and move forward creating the cap.


I'll post my progress here as I go and let you know if I have any more questions.


SO excited to see this come to life and start rendering. 









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Hi Cerbera - Thank you again for all the help. 


I had no problem building the rest of the neck using the loft correctly as you described.


However, when it comes to the details of the cap, something is still off. 

I tried to add the details for around the cap grip, but had difficulties selecting the areas where I need to use the extrude inner. 


thoughts on how to do this?


As for adding the thickness I haven't got there quite yet. I will keep trying. 


Attached is the file with how far I've come.


Thank you. 



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OK, this is rescuable 🙂


This is how you'd select the inner extruded polys...




However you are going to need to:


1. Use Plane Cut to reinforce the long polys in that section after the extrude or it will collapse under SDS. Like so...



2. Eliminate the triangles and complex pole in the centre of the top...




That'll give you something like this under L2 SDS...



I do wonder though, from looking at the reference if you haven't got that initial inner extrude step quite right. It's not high enough resolution for me to see in enough detail, but I think I see that the ribs actually go into the thicker band at the base of the cap.


If they did that would require a slightly different approach in which we would build just one segment of the cap, do our single ridge there, and then array it round into the full object, which would be very much quicker than trying to do them all at once.


Another options still is to not model the ribs in at all - simply make an array of capsules, and intersect them slightly - at this sort of scale, the effect would be largely the same, and it would take mere seconds to sort out. Not everything has to be the same mesh - the skill is knowing what you can and can't get away with. 


Here is one I built that way - as you can see, it's remarkably similar, and might actually give a superior / more accurate rendered result to the integrated mesh...






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Hi Cerbera. Thank you again for your incredible help. 


You are completely right about the ribs going down all the way to the plastic band. 

Good catch!


I'll try and follow your steps and let you know as I move forward. 


thank you so much!





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