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Inflate Within Boundary.

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So i'm trying to see if its possible to inflate multiple objects within a boundary volume. Preferably each different object would act independently and would not intersect itself or any others. ill add a picture of a diagram I found that illustrates what im trying to explain: https://imgur.com/a/tHephrF


Any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks!


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Welcome to the cafe.


Are you really on the MAXON Beta team, like your profile suggests ? That would be the only reason you have that there under Version, so if you're not, please change it to show the version you are using. Also please take care to post in the correct section, which is not 'General Discussion'... I have moved this to Dynamics for you, where it should be...


In fact, perhaps have a read of our 'How to Post on the cafe' thread.



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Should be doable with softbody dynamics and forces, but I would expect it to be expensive to compute, so make sure you use least possible amount of geometry for collision shapes...

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