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Help: Twisting texture and relocating lines

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Hi, I am not English so i am going to try to do this as clear as possible. I am a student still, currently working on a project due for my graduation. I needed a growing flower so, as I am not that good at animating, i did a tutorial. However, there is something wrong. I can't seem to figure this out so I hope someone else can. I have rendered in the standard renderer just to get a quick render. However, the problem also occurs in Octane. 


The problem: At around 1 second you can see the texture completely switching to a different size/position on the stem.

Also, at exactly the same moment you can see the twines that surround it going up a bit.


I have tried everything I could think of, even switching out the splines and/or changing them. Please, can someone help me? 


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Please upload .c4d file...



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