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when i change a material propertie or i click on render final image a message pops-up saying that the external render is rendering an image it doesnt show the rendering progress just the final image and tis message doenst dissappear when i click no it continues to appear

Captura de Tela (1).png

Captura de Tela (5).png


Captura de Tela (8).png

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The message simply means, there is still an old render job running and it asks, if this should be stopped in favor of the new one, you just tried to start. I doubt this message has anything to do with the black image being rendered.

In your object manager it looks as if you are using Corona Render (Corona lights).

Could it be, you didn't switch the render settings to actually use Corona? In this case C4D's standard or physical renderer wouldn't find any light and the result would be pitch black.

Or are those Corona Lights maybe just renamed (and icon recolored) standard lights? And Corona is not able to use them?

Just thinking, because I have no and never used Corona render. Those screenshots don't help to help you at all. Rather provide a scene or at least some relevant information, if none of the above hit the nail.


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You should update to latest service pack for R21 - quite a lot of fixes in there. But this isn't a bug, so I will move it to the correct category, and remove erroneous tag...



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