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Emitter shape direction

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Hi all

I have an emitter that will basically be a set of bubbles so nice and straight forward. What Im trying to do though is have the bubbles eventually taper in almost like they're being sucked towards a hole. I found that by using the taper deformer it does this but also distorts the bubbles and im trying to keep them pretty much as their rounded shape. Am I going about this the wrong way or is there a simpler method to do this? All help appreciated.






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Well you wanna taper the path of the particles rather than the geometry - that way you won't affect the particles at all.


The standard emitter has Forces which can control your particle movement in the scene, but there aren't so many types of those, and they are more difficult to predict and control than deformers. For example an attractor with a falloff could do the kind of thing you want, but would be hard to make particles taper in anything but the most general sort of way. We can probably do better with a TP setup, but no expert on that myself, so we should wait for those that are too tell you what that can do... failing that it's a total breeze with XParticles !



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Thanks guys much appreciated.

CBR, how do you taper the path of the particles? Ive tried searching for info on this and cant find anything or anything in the emitter itself that may give me a clue. Unfortunately I don't have X-Particles either.



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