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best way to render glass in animation sequence

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hi everyone

i need to render a camera passing by a  big chandelier.

i can only do physical render, as the client demands it.


Its an insane render time with the refelctions, transparency and whatnot. so I wanted to hear if anyone has any tips?


also i have no clue of multipass rendering, would it be faster to seperate the passes and comp them afterwards ? I read somewhere something with alphachannel as reflection but i dunno



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Please complete your profile so we know at least which version you are using. 


I would start by taking out any colour channel that might exist in your glass material, followed by any specular - just wipe it out altogether - you don't need it - reflections only will be fine. That will help considerably. What will help even more is reducing some key settings in Render Options, specifically Reflection depth, which can go down to 2, or 3, and Ray depth which can go as low as 5 or so.  If we knew which version you had we'd be able to tell you if you had the render de-noiser which could speed up your renders even more drastically.



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