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Thomas Frenkel

Cavalier Perspective - invert z direction?

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I'd like to use the cavalier perspective for an animation, but I'm facing a problem in getting the right perspective:


The direction of the z-lines should be inverted. At the moment they vanish to the top right, but bottom left is desired (painted red area in the picture). Seems to not be possible with this camera preset, but maybe you guys have an idea to work around it (just like you can create an isometric view from a parallel camera with the right values). Is there any hope for me?




Thank you 

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Turn your whole scene by 180° around z for the render, and turn it back in post.


Unfortunately, the axonometric projections are quite special with properties that can not be achieved through parallel projection.


(Edit: Except for isometric and mayyyyybe dimetric, but don't quote me on that.)

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